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Yoga for beginners

Yoga is becoming a fast growing form of exercise for beginners, particularly at home. I always thought is there a place near me to do yoga? I know yoga mats are becoming popular as well, which probably means more people are doing yoga. Maybe I should try it?

What is Yoga?

Isn’t it just a bunch of fancy yoga poses? No, it is more than that.

Yoga is becoming an increasingly popular workout – imagine a form of exercise that not only improves flexibility, strength in your muscles, contributes to weightloss, but also centers your mind, your thoughts and relaxes you.

There are different styles of yoga, varying in the areas they focus on , whether it be focusing on the postures or on your breathing, or both. They often vary in pace, from more vigorous power classes designed to increase the heart rate. It’s essentially about finding your own preference. What is right for your body and what you enjoy.

Hatha Yoga: A slower, more gentle yoga, which teaches you to hold postures for several breaths

Yin Yoga: Postures are typically held for several minutes at a time – a more meditative practice that targets deep tissues and improves flexibility.

Iyengar Yoga: Focuses on use of props such as blocks and straps to encourage proper alignment.

Bikram Yoga: Combines breathing exercises with a vigorous series of poses (often done in a heated room and known at ‘Bikram Hot Yoga’).

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Connects breathing with a quick change between postures, allowing you to flow between each posture. This creates a fun but intense class designed to increase your heart rate.

Ashtanga Yoga: Has six different series of specifically sequenced poses.

Kundalini Yoga: A more spiritual practice focusing on singing, chanting and meditating, as well as intense breathing exercises.

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