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Get that flat stomach ready for summer

Muscle and strength is a goal for the majority of people now days.

If you’re looking to start building muscle, getting bigger, and becoming stronger, these are the things you need to do:

  1. Lift heavy things
  2. Eat a diet based on your goals
  3. Get enough rest

Lift heavy things

If you are going to build muscle, you’re going to need to lift heavy things. This means you’ll most likely need to go to a gym.  Body weight exercises can be fantastic for weight loss, but if you’re serious about weight training you’ll need a gym with a squat rack, bench, barbells, and a spot to do pull ups, chin ups, and dips to be most efficient.

Stay away from machines, focus on dumbbells and barbell exercises.

  1. Leg Exercises: Squats, Deadlifts, or Lunges
  2. Push Exercises: Bench Press, Overhead Press, or Dips
  3. Pull Exercises: Inverted Rows, Pull Ups, or Chin Ups
  4. Core Exercises: Reverse Crunches, Hanging Knee Raises, or Planks

What’s a good routine?

  1. Monday: Squats, Benchpress, Wide Grip Pull Ups, Planks
  2. Wednesday: Deadlift, Overhead Press, Inverted Rows, Hanging Knee Raises
  3. Friday: Weighted Lunges, Weighted Dips, Weighted Chin Ups, Reverse Crunches.

Eat a diet based on your goals

Here are a few different techniques for weight gain:

Eat a lot of whatever – this was my first plan years ago: it’s cheapest, the fastest, but probably the least healthy. Just make sure you get 200+ grams of protein a day and 3,500+ calories in any way that you can: pasta, rice, pizza, milk, hamburgers, chicken, protein shakes, muscle milk shakes, whatever. This is how I went from 162-180 pounds in 30 days. I’m not proud of how I ate, but it produced results and I remained healthy and strong.

Eat a lot of “healthy” stuff – I did this once and put on about 10 pounds in 30 days. Lots of:

Get enough rest

If you’re skinny and trying to bulk up and build muscle, avoid cardio like the plague.

Take a look at the best marathon runners in the world – like Usain Bolt, the best sprinter in the world – tons of muscle, power, and a body to envy. I have nothing against people who run all the time and love to run marathons/half-marathons – as long as you’re active I’m all for it. I’m merely pointing out that if you want to build muscle as quickly and efficiently as possible, cardio is your enemy.

Try this, spend three days a week in the gym, with each workout clocking in at 45 minutes. Go for long walks on your days off along with a day of sprints to stay active. Really focus in on your workouts to make them as exhausting as possible, and then give my body ample time to recover (while eating enough calories to produce a surplus).

Sleep needs to become a priority.

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