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Summertime is coming! Yoga is a great exercise to integrate into your lifestyle. You love yoga when it feels fun and free and joyful, especially at this time of year. To help keep your practice fresh, Yoga poses will open your body and mind as they tone, strengthen, and prepare you for that holiday to the beach.

Now comes the next question: If we want to become “serious” about yoga, how often should we practice? Sometimes people practice for six hours a day (which can be seen as rather extreme). Experiencing such long hours of practice in the beginning years opened up your body in such a deep way that you can now practice for a shorter duration and achieve the same results.

Eddie Modestini is the co-director and co-owner of Maya Yoga Studio in Maui. Want to learn more ways to advance and injury-proof your practice? Sign up for Modestini’s upcoming Vinyasa 101 course, which will cover the anatomy of the spine, how to adapt asana for various body types, and much more.

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